Peas Porridge Hot

Except there’s no peas in it.

I’ve been asked what a good pre-run meal is (OK 1 person asked me) and I have mostly been a toast and peanut butter type of gal BUT! I have discovered a Hot Cereal that is homemade and yummy- it is from The Eat-Clean Diet for Family and Kids by Tosca Reno.  I should be able to link her page non? but I don’t know how.

I don’t know a lot about her and her Eat Clean Diet apart from flipping through some of her books but I gather it is about eating food that is well… clean, natural, devoid of crap… sounds good to me- but then there are the other 7 people in the house that I have to convince.

I found all these things at my local grocery and even though it’s pretty much summer here I don’t mind eating hot cereal any time of the year;


1/2 C Oatmeal

1/2 C Cream of Wheat Cereal

1/2 C Red River (or other multigrain hot cereal)

1/2 C Wheat Germ

1/2 C Oat Bran

1/2 Raisins

1/2 C Mixed dried Fruit, blueberries, cherries, cranberries

1/2 C Slivered Almonds


1.Mix all ingredients together in a large airtight container to keep for weeks.


2. To make breakfast use 1/2 C dried mixture and 1 cup water

3. Mix and heat on medium high until mixture thickens to a porridge-like consistency.

4. Serve in a bowl topped with skim milk.

5. Yum

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Mama to six kids, theatre artist, doctoral researcher, voice teacher... slow and steady wins the race....

2 thoughts on “Peas Porridge Hot

  1. Mm. Sounds good. I always bring cereal to work (it lapses on the weekend when more interesting items like fried eggs are consumed). For the past gazillion years it was always oatmeal but lately I switched to cream of wheat because it has all that Iron in it. I forgot how much I like cream of wheat.


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