Why I Run… Yet Another Reason.

B.J Mc Hugh

Published by mamalegato

Mama to six kids, theatre artist, doctoral researcher, voice teacher... slow and steady wins the race....

3 thoughts on “Why I Run… Yet Another Reason.

  1. Crikey. I’m pretty sure I’ll have switched to walking and stationary bike by 80 years old. I already feel creaky with age, although I think that has something to do with the softball game last night… Haha!


  2. Hey!! Now that you’re “out of the bag”, I’ve been nosing around. First of all – very cool! Second – you look amazing in your before pictures…..and I NEVER ever would have thought/considered you a “chubby” teenager. I always just thought you were tres cool.
    I did a little stint with running about 10 years ago – broke my leg badly 5 years ago, and haven’t run since. Bummer. Perhaps I’ve found some inspiration. My dad ran for years and years – he still does at 72 – and I’ve watch BJ run too – mind you she was much younger then – in her 70s only. She blew by me like I was standing still one year doing the Shawnessy 5K. Amazing woman.
    As are you! Glad you let the cat outta the bag. Now I have something to look forward to reading on my lunch break!……Jen


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