About me…

I am Shannon- aka Mamalegato.

I am… a Mother to six children ages 8 through 23 (yes they are all mine, 4 boys 2 girls) wife/partner to the Ol’Man (rest assured his is a term of endearment in a Joni Mitchell  “Oh you’re a mean old Daddy, But I like you…” kind of endearment)
I am in my third year of my PhD in Drama and Theatre studies , I am a  theatre artist, voice teacher, book lover,  marathoner (or rather, I am seemingly always training or dreaming about training for a Marathon  yet I’ve only run one, and several half-marathons), wannabe yogini, student of meditation, just basically trying to keep it all together.

I live in Montréal, Canada but my hometown and my heart is in Vancouver BC. I travel way more (by myself) than any Mother of six should- because I am a doctoral researcher at a University in the UK but living in Canada. It seemed like a good idea at the time…

This blog started many moons ago as a way of documenting my first marathon- it has sat idle since then but I am reviving it to give myself an outlet to muse on my life as a working mother of a large-ish family who just happens to be completing her PhD…I see the “marathon” as somewhat of a metaphor for my life- an endurance sport with plenty of water stations and Porta-potties..er, pit-stops along the way… and a medal- if you finish there is always a medal, I’m in it for the medal. OK, what I really want is to be able to check the “Dr.” box when filling in magazine subscription forms.

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