About me…

I am Shannon- aka Mamalegato.

On February 26 2020…at the age of 52 I passed my Viva to earn my PhD (7 long and arduous years in the making!) AND, on the very same day– accepted a tenure-track position to become an Assistant Professor of Theatre– a goal I had set for myself some 12 years earlier.  Throughout grad school (I completed my MFA at 40), postgraduate school and now, my journey as a “junior academic” I always thought that perhaps I was just a late bloomer to be starting this career path so late in life- but, lately I have been thinking about it more as if I am just ‘rotating my crops’– moving on to a next chapter/phase/adventure. In truth the “crops” metaphor is even more significant as– along with the new job came a move to the Canadian prairies — another major life change. 

My aim is to revive this blog- which in the past I have used to document my process of training for a marathon and then, later, my experience doing a PhD while raising six children (oh yeah…did I mention I have 6 kids?) — into a place I can reflect on and process this new life iteration.  

Besides being a Mum and professor, I am theatre artist. voice teacher, voracious reader, fledgeling writer, yoga practitioner, meditator, and early riser…all topics I am always up to chat about.

Recently I have turned to my favourite poet, Mary Oliver for inspiration and motivation to write;

Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.

Sometimes by Mary Oliver

I am aiming to be astonished every single day. Telling about it is another story. 

With love,
Dr. Mamalegato xo
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