Gettin’ with the programme…

I’ve posted the Hal Higdon  ( Programme I’m using on my “programme” page. Really this is my first “official” week of training as I am using a 12 week Half marathon programme and this week makes it 12 weeks until the Half. I will then switch over to his Novice Full marathon programme. This just seemed like a good idea for me. It just seems so much more managable to break it down into 2 sections.  I view the last 3 weeks since I decided to run the marathon and really the 2 months before that as working on a base- so I am not coming from doing absolutely no structured exercise to having a bit of a fitness base.

So alas, my longest run to date is still only 4 miles. I actually cheated last week and did 2- 4 mile runs and somehow, on the second run I shaved nearly 4 minutes off my time!!!! I have to say I am very tempted to just inch up there a go for a 5-miler but I am trying not to push it  so I will stick with the programme, so to speak. Every single book I have read (or am reading… and I think the count is up to 5!) say that the number 1 reason why people cannot continue to train for a marathon is going out too hard too soon. 


I am trying to be patient!

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One thought on “Gettin’ with the programme…

  1. Well…… knowing how obsessive you are (just like me), I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but if you go to Google, choose “blogs” from the “more” menu that is on the upper left area of the screen, then type “my first marathon”, or “marathoner”, or “long distance runner” or whatever, you will find a ton of blogs by other runners. They are interesting because most of them have run their marathon already and you can usually read about how it went. It ranges from very ugly (sickness, vomiting, passing out and falling down, etc) to totally uneventful (“well that wasn’t so bad”) type of stuff. Unfortunately it can be a bit of a time sink since each blog usually links to a lot of other runner’s blogs.


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