Just when everything was coming up roses… Saturday I had a very successful 8 mile run- and njb showed me how to work my Garmin so I could enjoy seeing all the fascinating stats of my fabulous runs and now I’m sick…again… Me! the one who brags about NEVER getting sick- I am sick!
But I figure I was really playing with fire- a house full of germ ridden kids, a toddler who doesn’t let me sleep more than 5 hours a night, training for a marathon, and then Saturday night too much wine and French food…
Sunday was a rest day , Monday off sick. Tuesday off sick… fingers crossed for tomorrow…

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Mama to six kids, theatre artist, doctoral researcher, voice teacher... slow and steady wins the race....

5 thoughts on “argh…

  1. Oh, damn! Sorry to hear you are sick again. I was pretty hung over on Sunday too. G and A are a baaaad influence! But I really enjoyed the meal, I still think about that Halibut with the wine-butter sauce… mmmmm.


  2. I had a great time… don’t get me wrong! (We always have fun when we go out with you guys- but I always pay for it the next day!)I looooove the food at Bistro Bistrot but I think we may have to ditch G and A- they are totally bad influences!! They just don’t get the “in training” thing! I am seriously thinking no more wine until after the half…


  3. Prior to Christmas (like most of last year!) we were drinking every evening, usually a bottle of wine between the two us, and more on the weekend. Then I decided enough is enough and after Christmas I switched to only consuming alcohol on the weekend, and generally only one night of the weekend, unless there is a special occassion (dinner with friends for example!) With this change, I do feel healthier, I’m spending less money, and packing on less empty calories. Best of all, my tolerance has gone down again so I am actually enjoying the experience more when I do drink. I would find it hard to quit altogether, even for only a short period of time, but cutting down definitely has its benefits.


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