Something’s gotta give…

It’s all about choices right?  It’s a topic I have had come up countless times over my 16 year mothering career… finding the time to exercise. And it always come down to one thing, making the choice to just do it. Sure something’s gotta give… sometimes it’s the housework, sometimes it’s the cup of coffee and magazine article I’ve been dying to read and sometimes it’s sleep- but while it is true we can’t do everything- somethings are just way too important not to do. Like exercise. That’s what I have to keep trying to convince myself of anyways.

I hate playing the “I’ve got six kids” card… (OK well, sometimes I secretly enjoy playing that one…) but technically I don’t have time to do much except…mother (by that I am including all things mothering- housework,cooking, errands, kid duties etc.) My two huge extravagances at the moment are the treadmill I bought last year which got me in shape to run a 10K the year after #6 was born because with a newborn and 5 others there really really was no time to squeeze in exercise except when they were sleeping and I had the monitor on in case they needed me) and my second extravagance is my Friday babysitter which is allowing me to get out for a long run without having to coordinate everyone else’s schedule around it. The other reason  for the once a week babysitter was to get a grip on the housework and my life in general- well worth the money that the old man keeps reminding me we can’t spare… too bad, I’m digging in my heels!

So besides my Friday run, here are the ways I am getting exercise in on the other 5 days (I take one “rest” day) The community centre has childminding 3 mornings a week- the litle ones love it and I get to go to the gym. There is also the option to use the pool which I plan to do soon as some cross training. DVD’s, Every once in awhile I put on a yoga DVD- It’s not something I’ve been able to do long term (it gets boring fast) but when I’ve been desperate enough to get moving it does the trick. Getting the old man involved has been a good tactic- because I know he wants to get moving but just has trouble with the motivation part. I’ve tricked him in to “helping” me by pursuading him to come on a bike ride when the older boys are home to babysit. Walking. Never under estimate the power of a good walk- especially while pushing a stroller. I’m a total goal oriented person so having a destination (a particular shop for example) helps- I hoof it over there, do my shopping then hoof it back.   It’s much less stressful than wrangling kids into car seats and looking for parking. Bits and pieces, While I’ve never had the courgae to try one of those nifty playground workouts “workout while the kids play in front of a bunch of other Mums drinking coffee!!!!” I must say my kids are quite used to seeing me doing squats while washing dishes, leg lifts while dusting (I’m just joking, I don’t dust!!) and they’re always more then happy to get down on the floor with me when I get down to do some crunches.

The fact of the matter is, there will always be something else that needs doing.  Always. As I have said before it is more of a battle with my mind to keep going, or more importantly to to GET going. Get the mind in shape and the body will follow.

Published by mamalegato

Mama to six kids, theatre artist, doctoral researcher, voice teacher... slow and steady wins the race....

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