5 miler… in the snow!

I have always been a bit of a drama queen… I’m an opera singer ‘fer crying out loud!! So there is something about running in the snow (yes it snowed one whole centimeter here on Friday!)  that brought out the tough guy in me (cue Rocky theme song…cut to my chubby housewife self shuffling up 37th Ave with the odd flake floating by me…) It was my longest training run to date, 5 miles, and it felt great. My time indicates that I was going pretty slow (54:18) the sidewalks were pretty slick so I definitely was trying to be careful, but I didn’t feel like I was going slow- just steady.

I keep thinking I should maybe mix up my long run route- I have been using the same one- a loop from my house to the 37th Ave bikeway and back and I like that I can measure and compare how I am feeling at the same places along the way each time. Also, knowing that this time I had to get to Granville Street before looping back just felt so do-able somehow. So maybe I’ll stick with this particular route for now- until boredom sets in, which, knowing myself as well as I do is sure to hit sooner than later.

Published by mamalegato

Mama to six kids, theatre artist, doctoral researcher, voice teacher... slow and steady wins the race....

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