decisions, decisions…

So after much deliberation I have decided that I will NOT run my long run in the -8 and snow weather today but rather run it on the (blech) treadmill instead. I have been humming and hawing, and on my way home from dropping the kids off at school I was checking out the sidewalks and most of them are not clean and pretty icy and I think it would be just too risky. This is Vancouver after all and I know my regular route would have been very snowy (except in front of the homes of the few keeners who shovel) So then I thought I would run down Main Street where surely the sidewalks would be clean but on futher inspection this morning it looks like about 50% of the sidewalk is clean and it would stink to fall down and hurt myself. Also, because my training has been interrupted by social and family commitments so much lately I don’t want to get out there just to find out it’s not runable and there goes my long run time because the kids get out at noon today.
I have to remind myself I am very fortunate to have a good quality treadmill which will surely save my butt in getting to my marathon goal- but alas it is not the same as getting outside.
I promised myself I would go out Sunday for my shorter run to try this whole running in the snow thing out so I don’t feel like I’m whimping out completely.

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8 thoughts on “decisions, decisions…

  1. Speaking of before and after pictures….. I’m back from the 2 week cruise! I did manage to stick to my official “pre-schedule” [rest,3,3,3,rest,6,cross-train] (I’m still not officially on the Hal Higdon 18 weeker until the last week in December) by using the treadmill on the ship, which turned into more of a “crossfit” type exercise when the seas were rough, but I know I packed on a few pounds for sure…

    Somehow this latest comic from the “married to the sea” website seemed to sum up for me our mutual goal of running this marathon… I know, strange sense of humour… :o)


  2. Scary looking crossfit dudes!
    I’m impressed you were able to stick with your programme on the cruise! My week has been a jumble, basically I’m down to bare bones-because of all the many Xmas obligations I’m doing only the running days (2, 3.5,3.5, 5) and grabbing them when I can. I knew these 2 week were going to be like this- so I had prepared myself mentally but it’s frustrating nevertheless.
    This week coming will be especially challenging because it’s not only just finding the time it’s the excess food and booze which make for sluggish runs…


  3. From what I’ve read, it sounds like running a marathon is definitely more challenging mentally than physically, so preparing yourself and steeling your mind for any perceived setbacks is a hugely important part of the whole process. (I say perceived because I think part of your frustration is just you being too hard on yourself! It sounds to me like you are not missing much in your program and are doing an excellent job!)

    As for running in the snow, I never have let the snow stop me in these past many years (although never ran more than 3 miles in the stuff until this morning). Believe it or not, when it’s actually fresh and falling snow, it’s really not that slippery, just hard work, like running in sand, which means generally tighter muscles and a lot of little lateral movements that you might not be used to. Remember to take smaller steps so if you do slide you’re not going to totally pull something. I did 6 miles this morning and it took a LONG time 1:12, but no falling down. The time to be worried about falling down is when there is no snow, or only a little, and there is actual ice. That stuff is scary to run on.

    I’m looking forward to some food and booze tomorrow! We will bring some food and booze, by the way. :o) I’m not sure what time we’re supposed to come over but maybe Anne knows, or I might just have to use the telephone machine to call you!


  4. Wow! you girls are impressive!
    I think you’re having a snowier winter than usual, ay?
    Just to let you know… I’m still doing my 2 days swim and 2 days run… and if it’s to snowy or icy I do my noisy wobbly elliptical machine ’cause I’m right behind you girls!!! (well sort of)! : )


  5. Waaaaaay more snow than usual!
    And I gotta tell ya it makes a huge difference to know you gals are out there putting in the miles! Definitely gives me that little push I need to just do it…


  6. Yay for all of us, putting in the miles!

    (And holy man did you get a nice present from the old man this year. At least, if it’s exactly what I think it is, I’m about 90% sure but Gus was whispering and we didn’t have much time to discuss it before you came into the kitchen. ;o)


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