Come hell or high water…

I’m doing it. I’m gonna run come hell or high water- my post last week where I ran (pardon the pun) down every (quite valid really) reason I can’t be running right now just didn’t sit right. Instead of making me feel “better” or “relieved” or “off the hook”  I was just depressed about it. Running became so important to me- and not just running willy-nilly -half -assed- mamby-pamby  but TRAINING just felt so great, as hard as it was, and I want to be doing it, no, I NEED to be doing it, so I must find a way, and I will.

I ran this morning, despite having piles and piles of work to do, I just went out for a 5K and it was glorious and when I walked in the door I walked straight over to the computer and registered for the Historic Half Marathon in Fort Langley on February 21 2010. (Thanks to njb for the nudge!) Done. I needed that. It’s a tiny step and I need to recognize that this is totally the honeymoon phase, that initial excitement upon registering for the race. Next month when it snows and I’m in the thick of holiday mayhem I just might be whining a tiny bit. But for now I’ll enjoy the “I’m going to run a race” high.

The Great Outdoors

Finally back outside today after 3 weeks!!! It was far from a “perfect” or even “good” run but I’ll take it. My plan was to do 6 miles but ended up doing 5.3. I decided to change my route because of the snow- figuring going straight down Main St. would up my chances of having clear sidewalks to run on which for the most part was true. There was however a fair amount of black ice action so there was a lot of arm waving going on to save myself from falling. Also, I had a lot of car exhaust and traffic lights to deal with. Which leads me to the question… what do YOU do when you come to a red light? I just can’t get myself to jog in place… I’ll pace or jog a bit up the block and back again while waiting for the light to change but just can’t do the waiting -for -the -light -to -chance- jog- it’s just so, um, obvious or something…
Anyhoo… The run was cut a bit short because I took a turn down some side street and hit some very snowy, slippery terrain and my thighs and butt just couldn’t do it anymore- and well, my house was right there…
I sorta, kinda got my Garmin working- and I liked the fact that it was counting gown the kilometers for me (I like the K’s they zip by so much quicker than miles!) I would have liked to see time wise where I was at while running but couldn’t do it- which is just as well because at the end of the run it told me it had taken me 1hr and 11 minutes to run 8.64k’s and that is really really RRREALLY slow! so maybe it’s better I didn’t know that at the time.
I will try and get out for a very short run tomorrow, and a slightly longer one Sunday. I’ve been one day on, one day off this week so I think I can manage that.
I’m looking forward to next week when the gym and childminding is open so I can get a bit of strength training and crosstraining in and just feel more “normal”… whatever that is.

decisions, decisions…

So after much deliberation I have decided that I will NOT run my long run in the -8 and snow weather today but rather run it on the (blech) treadmill instead. I have been humming and hawing, and on my way home from dropping the kids off at school I was checking out the sidewalks and most of them are not clean and pretty icy and I think it would be just too risky. This is Vancouver after all and I know my regular route would have been very snowy (except in front of the homes of the few keeners who shovel) So then I thought I would run down Main Street where surely the sidewalks would be clean but on futher inspection this morning it looks like about 50% of the sidewalk is clean and it would stink to fall down and hurt myself. Also, because my training has been interrupted by social and family commitments so much lately I don’t want to get out there just to find out it’s not runable and there goes my long run time because the kids get out at noon today.
I have to remind myself I am very fortunate to have a good quality treadmill which will surely save my butt in getting to my marathon goal- but alas it is not the same as getting outside.
I promised myself I would go out Sunday for my shorter run to try this whole running in the snow thing out so I don’t feel like I’m whimping out completely.

5 miler… in the snow!

I have always been a bit of a drama queen… I’m an opera singer ‘fer crying out loud!! So there is something about running in the snow (yes it snowed one whole centimeter here on Friday!)  that brought out the tough guy in me (cue Rocky theme song…cut to my chubby housewife self shuffling up 37th Ave with the odd flake floating by me…) It was my longest training run to date, 5 miles, and it felt great. My time indicates that I was going pretty slow (54:18) the sidewalks were pretty slick so I definitely was trying to be careful, but I didn’t feel like I was going slow- just steady.

I keep thinking I should maybe mix up my long run route- I have been using the same one- a loop from my house to the 37th Ave bikeway and back and I like that I can measure and compare how I am feeling at the same places along the way each time. Also, knowing that this time I had to get to Granville Street before looping back just felt so do-able somehow. So maybe I’ll stick with this particular route for now- until boredom sets in, which, knowing myself as well as I do is sure to hit sooner than later.