Come hell or high water…

I’m doing it. I’m gonna run come hell or high water- my post last week where I ran (pardon the pun) down every (quite valid really) reason I can’t be running right now just didn’t sit right. Instead of making me feel “better” or “relieved” or “off the hook”  I was just depressed about it.Continue reading “Come hell or high water…”

The Great Outdoors

Finally back outside today after 3 weeks!!! It was far from a “perfect” or even “good” run but I’ll take it. My plan was to do 6 miles but ended up doing 5.3. I decided to change my route because of the snow- figuring going straight down Main St. would up my chances of havingContinue reading “The Great Outdoors”

5 miler… in the snow!

I have always been a bit of a drama queen… I’m an opera singer ‘fer crying out loud!! So there is something about running in the snow (yes it snowed one whole centimeter here on Friday!)  that brought out the tough guy in me (cue Rocky theme song…cut to my chubby housewife self shuffling upContinue reading “5 miler… in the snow!”