Rollin’ with the punches

First of all a big shout out to The Garmin Doctor herself, njb who thankfully was on-call when I started out on my run and couldn’t get the GPS to work- I am so glad we got it going as it made a HUGE difference to be able to see how far I’d gone… 9 miles is a very long way. VERY Long-

So lets cut right to the chase- the run took me 1:46:59- slow- but all I wanted to do today was finish considering my week of being sick- my biggest concern now is the Half marathon on the 15th, closes the race after 3 hrs- and how much would it suck to be plodding along and have no one there at the end- actually there would be no finish line- that would be a little depressing. I am hoping I can stay healthy- and be able to up my pace slightly- I don’t care if I am the last person over the finish line- please let there be a finish line.


Revelations made while running today? Yes there were a few… one is the very cheesy  running being a metaphor for life- the whole one foot in front of the other, just do it, mind over matter business, and then there was the roll with the punches idea that kept me going after spending my morning- 5:30-8:30 feeding people, organizing people and driving people, when I finally set foot outside in my shorts and runners and fancy running watch supposedly figured out and guess what- It’s not working!! I had a few minutes of @#*&! and then thought call njb- maybe she’s home and maybe she can help… and you know what? she was and she did!! Punch #2 came a few minutes into the run when I had to pee- it does not seem like a big deal but it’s a blip to be sure- too far from home to double back I decided to detour 6 blocks to Riley Park Community Centre- rationalizing that I am familiar with this bathroom and it’s much better then having to jog into a gas station and ask for a key.

OK I’m sounding a little insane- but it’s amazing how the little things can pile up and talk you out of having a “good run”- And despite the fact that I had these hurdles to get over at the start of the run and the fact that the last mile was very difficult- sore feet, back and legs- I had some moments of “Look at you go!” and ” I can’t believe I’m running 9 miles!” the sun was out- plenty of fresh air- it’s all good.

10 miles seems almost do-able and 13.1? well, maybe… 26.2… let me think about it.

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Mama to six kids, theatre artist, doctoral researcher, voice teacher... slow and steady wins the race....

3 thoughts on “Rollin’ with the punches

  1. S! Of course you will finish in time, don’t be silly! Congrats on what sounds like a good run. I drank too much again on Friday and had to move my Saturday run to Sunday, man that was a bad decision! Saturday was, as you know, nice and sunny, Sunday…. it was basically snowing! Cold, wet, and yuck. But I did 11 miles so I feel good about being able to finish the half in a couple of weeks. Next week I’ll taper to 8 miles, and then hopefully I’ll have it in me to do 13.1 the week after that.


  2. I wanna see what you look like!!! ‘cmon let’s have an in-between shot! I’m sure you’re looking great! hello!!!? running just like that for 1:45hrs???


  3. maybe after the half marathon- on the 15th… surely I’ll burn a few calories running 13.1 miles!

    njb- i ran 5 miles on Sunday… I’m glad it wasn’t 11! Cold baby! I was even getting what felt like ice chips in my eyes…


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