So far, so good..

I would hate to get ahead of myself but it’s day 2 of this training week and things are shaping up quite nicely- I started with a swim yesterday, and then I managed to get 5 miles in on the treadmill while #6 actually slept this afternoon!!!! I even got to have a shower… whoo-hoo! Tomorrow’s plan is for another swim, followed by a 3 mile treadmill on Thursday- the 10 miler Friday, rest on Saturday and then a 5 mile (outdoors) Sunday-  The next week starts very quietly, a couple of 2 mile runs, some cross training and then… gulp… the Half on the Sunday.

I’m feeling particularly motivated at the moment so I’d like to try and hang on the that feeling

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Mama to six kids, theatre artist, doctoral researcher, voice teacher... slow and steady wins the race....

7 thoughts on “So far, so good..

  1. way to go baby cakes! you’re kicking ass!!!
    I swam thurs. friday, sunday and tonight… as soon as the weather let’s up I’m runnin’ outside! : )


  2. By the way mama, that’s the last time I take race recommendations from you! I’ve slowly realized what I’m getting myself into with this half marathon in Langley, here is one description I found: “Annual Historic Half Marathon in Fort Langley. Now this course is not for the weak and definitely not for those who do not train hills. [..] The course had a total of 450 meters of climb and you could feel it. There were four very significant inclines with the last one over a km long (at about 16K). Rich said it was the hardest ½ Marathon course he has done.”


  3. ooo boy… well, maybe it will make the actual fairly flat 26.2 miles in May feel easy??!!
    It looked so “bring the whole” family when I went on the website… there were people running in petticoats in the photos fer pete sakes!


  4. That’s what I’m hoping, that suffering through all the hills will help me be mentally tough for the 26.2! And I plan to take it very easy. Slow and steady.


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