Que sera sera…

I am in a bit of denial that the race is tomorrow. When I am out there running I can grasp the concept of running 13.1 miles but when I am just going about my day to day business it doesn’t quite sink in that I am running a Half marathon… TOMORROW! I did 2 miles yesterday and because my outdoor runs are usually reserved for long runs it was very very strange to just do 2- I really just felt like I was warming up and it was time to quit- I actually cheated and did 2.25 mostly I wasn’t paying attention to my distance and then had to make it back home- although I did walk 2 blocks (not included in the 2.25) so as not to over do it TOO much.

Physically I am feeling pretty good- I do have an annoying crick in my neck that I plan to put some heat on. Today’s plan is to drink lots of fluids, eat good foods, maybe stretch a little and get to bed early. I will also go pick up my race package and lay out my clothes, look at the map of the race and decide exactly were I want to be dropped off in the morning.

I realized I did not try out a gel-thing-y on my 10 mile run and that has me a bit stressed because  I think it might be a good idea to have some kind of sustenance to get me through the unknown 3.1 miles that I have never got through before. A Mum at preschool who runs marathons suggested I take half a gel pack before I think I need it (so maybe at mile 6 or 7) which I think I will do. I also think I will wear my “hydration belt” (is that what it’s called?) On my 10 miler I had one of my bottles filled with water and one with a Gatorade/water mix- Even though there will be 4 water stations on the course I am a sipper and don’t want to feel like I have to gulp the water because it’s there. Also- I did start sipping on a Gatorade as soon as I rolled out of bed that morning which I think was helpful and I will do that again tomorrow. The whole staying properly hydrated without peeing my pants thing is stressing me out a wee (get it? Wee!?) bit as it is always a very delicate balance for me and my postpartum system- and really, ultimately there’s not a whole lot I can do but go if I have to go. I made it through the 10 miles without having to stop to pee- but if I gotta go I’ll just have to go. I will “stop” or rather walk through the water stations which I hope will help in my pacing. And well…. other than that Que Sera sera…


Wish me luck!

Author: mamalegato

Mama to six kids, theatre artist, doctoral researcher, voice teacher... slow and steady wins the race....

2 thoughts on “Que sera sera…”

  1. Good luck! (Be careful with the gel. You are not supposed to try things in a race that you have not tried in training! If you do decide to tryi it, I have read that you must take the gel with water, but NOT with Gatorade. You might want to just have a cookie or candy if that is an option at the pit-stops, save the gel for your next training run.)


  2. I bought the little jelly bean things instead thinking I will just have just a few- and they won’t be as weird texture wise as the gel- we’ll see!


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