Wait and See

It seems I’m doing more thinking about running then actual running these days- part of it is that runs that were once considered “long” are now the shorter ones (like yesterdays 7 miles)- but the other part of it is this injury and trying to figure out how I’m going to reach this goal of running a marathon in less then 2 months when I’ve haven’t been able to stick to “the schedule”

I think I would most love for someone to just be able to tell me. “yes- this is going to happen” or “no, you won’t be able to do it” but obviously that is impossible. The injury is not the sort that has knocked me off my running legs and it isn’t at all predictable- it could be better tomorrow but then again, it might not.

Friday, long run day, I had set out for 15 miles, desperately wanting to just get back on schedule no matter how long it took me. It was chilly but a beautiful sunny day and I was feeling really strong. The first 10 miles were terrific. I really felt good. My plan was to do the 37th Ave bike path until I hit Pacific Spirit Park (it’s about 6.5 mile to the park) do 2 miles in the park and then head home. I made it to the park in good form with only slight twinges of tightness in my right hip and knee it was beautiful in there and I was soaking it up, but a couple of miles into the park it’s there, the pain in my hip and knee. Pain I cannot run through it. I try and continue but have to stop and walk- jog a bit- stop and walk. Also, I am lost in the trails (again!) I have to make it out to the street to call a cab because although it’s possible I could make it home walking most of the way, the kids have early dismissal and I have to pick them up at noon and would not make it in time.

I ended up doing 12 miles, the last 1.5 mostly walking and take a cab home.

I see the physio later in the day and she is still super optimistic and feels my IT band is getting better- which makes sense as it started hurting at 6  miles before and I made it pain free to 10 this time. But I can’t help but feeling paniky. Will I be able to catch up in my training? I have never done over 13.1.

At this point I will just keep trying I suppose. It would be very, very disappointing for me to not be able to do it. I certainly cannot even “go there” yet. I will continue heading out on every run confident I can do it.


Yesterday’s 7 miles (in the freakin’ snow!) felt good. The first 10 miles on Friday felt good. I will c0ntinue my stretches and exercises. My physio wants to take a good look at my shoes next appointment. Even though I only bought them in November I have already logged close to 300 miles in them. Maybe changing shoes will make a difference.


We’ll just have to wait and see.

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3 thoughts on “Wait and See

  1. I have my fingers crossed that your injury will clear up soon! While reading your post, I am wondering if the uneven and spongy trails are somehow contributing to the problem? It sounds like the problem starts on the trails. Maybe try a long run that does not use the trails and see if it makes any difference. I know it’s counter-intuitive, but the fine adjustments that need to be made when running on soft and uneven ground may somehow be just enough extra strain that it sets off the pain. Ask your physio, I’m sure she will say whether that is total nonsense or not. I had my own problems *after* my last run, but not injury related. Suffice to say, I will never eat a large portion of beans and tortilla chips the night before a long run again.


  2. Ole! i can totally see having problems combing beans and a long run!
    I too have thought about the uneven surface contributing and I will try this weeks long run skipping the lovely run in the park part.
    I am at a bit of a loss on where to “pick up” in the training- I think I need to get past 13.1 miles as it is becoming a bit of a psychological hurdle in a way, but this week on the schedule says 12. I am thinking I need to aim for 15. I am also reading more about run/walk programmes and thinking for the next run at least, I need to take earlier walk breaks BEFORE the pain sets in.
    I do find the stopping to walk difficult- but I would be more choked not being able to run the race at all.


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