I’m making a huge effort to squeeze a post in here because I had a great run last night and had time to think about my crazy life and then thought I have to write this down because when I look back on this journey to my first marathon I don’t want to JUST remember the crap and how hard it was, I want to remember how it has changed my life, and it has.

I realized last night as I was out there pounding the pavement after a long day with the kids and the feeding everyone and making sure they were either ready for bed or doing homework- that yes, this is crazy and nuts and insane trying to fit in this training with everything else that’s been going on in my life but thank God I had this goal! Because I am absolutely certain that anything to do with me, my health etc would have been the first thing to go when all the shit hit the fan with family stresses and illness etc. It is always the first thing to go. If I had just been trying to run to stay in shape the runs would have gone out the door weeks ago – but because I had this huge goal looming over me, and a PAID entry fee to a race, I just had to get out there- yes, I missed some sessions but I always felt like I was going somewhere in the training- I never abandoned it.

I did 10 miles after supper last night and it just felt really really great- and somehow I upped my pace by almost 1 min/mile! Huge for me. I really felt like I could have easily continued running at the end which is a very very good thing as Saturday njb and I tackle the longest training run before the race- 20 miles. At the moment I am actually kind of pumped- but I don’t want to jinx myself- The thing that has worked best for me is really to just think- “I am going out and running for 4 hours on Saturday” and then it’s just the ol’ one foot in front of the other…

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Mama to six kids, theatre artist, doctoral researcher, voice teacher... slow and steady wins the race....

One thought on “Goals=Good

  1. Yay! That sounds great. I just got back from my 5 miler and it actually went very well too. Probably the fastest I’ve ever run. I’m still worried about my knee, since that problem doesn’t kick in until around almost the 10 mile mark, but I focused on doing a shorter step this time, and trying to have my body over the leg/knee on impact, not having the leg way out in front. I think it might have helped. So, psychologically we’re well set for the big run! But that reminds me, I have to buy some gels today…. bye! see you at 8AM on saturday!


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