6.2 to go…

It’s official… I’m tapering (or weaning as a friend called it- I kinda like that, I’m weaning myself off the dreaded long runs…)


Saturday’s 20 miler was bitter sweet- but it’s done- and I was initially kind of excited for what lays ahead (the actual race on May 3rd) but now I’m getting a little butterfly-y/nervous and I still have 2.5 weeks to go.

I am feeling a little worse for wear from the very long (3:51:20) 20 mile run. It is Wednesday (ran it on Saturday) and I’m still hurting. Not in a stiff kind of way like after the half when going up and down stairs was difficult, but more in a beat up kind of way. I went out for the scheduled 8 miles last night and had to cut it a wee short (7.39) because my knee was acting up which make me very very nervous)-  Today I had the opportunity to get a swim in and then I will not run again until Friday when I have a 12 miler. I will stretch and ice and heat the muscle and I just got an IT band rolley thing to roll the muscle on.

So the sweet part of the 20 miles was that I finished and the bitter part was that my training partner- had to jump ship at 14-15 miles due to knee problems, the fact that I have also been there with almost identical problems made it upsetting because I so know how very frustrating it can be and especially for her as she has gone pretty much injury free until now, but I came back and so will she, 2.5 weeks is a long time. I must say having someone to run with made a huge difference, there were a few moments where I so did not think I could continue- one was on the the hill just before UBC (we ran from Main/7th- down to False Creek ,along the seawall to  the UBC “SUB” and back) and the other spot was at Kits beach on the way back just before she had to call it quits- I stopped and walked with her a bit- and was able to pick it up again and finish. The last 2 miles I was grunting out loud on the busy seawall but I did not care- I just kept practicing what I would yell at people if the looked at me the wrong way “I JUST RAN 20 MILES!!!!”

The weather was not so swell- it rained on and off and was rather chilly and windy on the way back, but as experienced running Mum from preschool pointed out- it is not likely the weather will be any worse than that a month from now- which I suppose is a big plus.

Having the 20 miles out of the way is helping get my head around running 26.2- what’s another 6.2 miles? It was important for me seeing as I hadn’t been able to get the 18 miler in- so I am happy for it- hurtin’ but happy.

I plan to really try and focus on my nutrition over the next few weeks because that has been a tough one. The thing about long distance running and being a busy Mum is that it makes you feel hungry ALL the time but it’s often hard to prepare something healthy BEFORE I scarf down 10 cookies or chips and ruin my appetite. There is always healthy food around but it always takes preparation and the junk is just so much more tempting and convenient.  I am trying really hard to drink water (always forget) and stop scarfing the junk. The “nice” thing is I am eating all this junk and my weight still at the lowest it’s been since, like, my late 20’s or 4 kids ago- doesn’t help when you’re trying to resist those sweets!


All in all, I am feeling positive- I am even already wondering what I will do after this thing is over…   hmmmmm…

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8 thoughts on “6.2 to go…

  1. oh, and if you’re looking for something to do AM (after marathon), I still think the boxing thing is great for all around fitness. We don’t actually fight, just boxing/cross-training. For one thing, I bet if I’d kept that up I wouldn’t be having these knee problems right now since that workout uses all the muscles and ligaments in the body and keeps everything strong. My gluteus medius wouldn’t have wimped out if I was still cross-training. Other than that, I still think rowing of some kind… so maybe dragon boat if you need an ‘event’ for motivation? I’d do dragon boat with you if you want… next year. I’m sure we could recruit a few others… mabye even Gus??


  2. I am dressed and ready to go. I’ll let you know how it goes. How was yours yesterday? Sorry I missed your call, that was one of my working Fridays. Hopefully you got Garmin to behave.


  3. Hey S, Did you end up finding that wine you were looking for?
    And how are you feeling? Legs good? What have you been doing running wise? I wish someone could tell me with authority whether I would be better off not running at all for a solid week, or sticking with the Hal schedule but taking the runs easy? Which? I don’t know.


  4. That’s exactly how I felt… I just wanted someone to tell me what to do!!! It’s all coming together now for me though (knock on wood)- I would take the runs easy and even skip one and not run 2 days in a row- Any chance to cross train?
    My last few runs have been great- some twinging in the knees but nothing serious AND without even trying my pace has improved greatly-
    I’ve had all sorts of blogging thoughts but unfortunately the rest of my life is falling apart and there’s been no time 😦
    Life is difficult but running a marathon… not so much.


  5. I’m glad to hear things are going well! I’m going to do the 4 miles today so that I don’t have to run three days in a row. Then I’ll do the 6 on Wednesday, and maybe skip the Thursday run… I’ll try and fit the physio in there again and get her advice on whether to keep skipping runs now that they are so “short”. ciao!


  6. My run last night (6 miles) went very well, and I noticed the improved pace that you were talking about in your comment above. I read somewhere on the interweb that part of the magic (and importance) of the taper is that your muscles actually re-build to be stronger than before. I’ve decided to forget about the knee because it never hurts before 10 miles and we have no runs that long left. I will have physio tomorrow and maybe once or twice next week. 3 miles tonight. Can you believe it? It’s, like, the shortest run ever!


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