Things That Make a Big Difference To My Life Yet I “Forget” to Do Them

Exercise/Running  USED to be up there but  (and it is what prompted my pondering on the topic and making a list of these things that I “forget” because obviously the running has been mighty powerful for me and spilled over in ALL areas of my life

Music- Listening to and Making  Sometimes all it takes is listening to the right song to turn my day around. Similarly if I actually open my mouth to let a few notes escape I can be totally shocked by the sound that comes out. Somehow I can forget a huge segment of my life- I’m a trained opera singer for goodness sake- how weird is that?! I remember some Mum at the kids school being totally freaked out after I sang at some event and I told her it even freaks me out sometimes it’s like some spooky superpower.

Reading– I go on jags. I read like nuts then slack off, but every time I’m on one of my jags I vow that I’m not going to get off as I literally have a pile of “to reads” that I’m itching to read- I think perhaps after certain books you need time to digest non? So I shouldn’t rush it- but there’s nothing like having a book that “you just can’t put down”

Going to the Ocean- I live on the West coast and can go weeks without catching a glimpse let alone a whiff- but when I get there I always am able to breathe a little deeper than usual.

Seeing Friends– I so often get so wrapped up in all my tasks, goals, and just life in general that I forget how fantastic, therapeutic and helpful a good visit can be…


To be continued…

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Mama to six kids, theatre artist, doctoral researcher, voice teacher... slow and steady wins the race....

2 thoughts on “Things That Make a Big Difference To My Life Yet I “Forget” to Do Them

  1. I’ll have to respond to allyor new posts in one and condensed because typing on this iPod touch thingy is a pain in the @ss! Yes, yes, yes! You should totally read more. I have had the chance to read two great books while on vacation and I recommend them both: The Little Stranger (Sarah Waters) and Brooklyn (Colm Toibin). I especially recommend the former but probably just because I haven’t quite finished the other yet. Very sorry to hear about the knees, I now fully understand how frustrating that is. You should sing every day. It is a special gift not to be taken for granted. Yes, dinner is on with the Ladies, should me a blast … we’re hoping to get some dirt on googoo. A tonto! (I have no idea how to spell that.)


  2. hahaha

    Tonto in Spanish is “stupid head” or something similar ask the sisters! But I know what you were saying- you were speaking French!!!!


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