I don’t knee-d this!!

My knees are not so good. OK, so the title sound a tad dramatic but I just really knee-ed to use the knee/need thing… (lol- I seriously crack myself up!)

Anyhoo-  I was stoked for a 10K  run today and the first half felt great but at 5.55k my knee (left one) just gave up on me- walked a bit tried to run and by that time my right one decided to join the pain party. I ended up walking much of the second half trying to formulate a solid plan of action on how I should rehabilitate and trying to talk myself down from the panic that inevitably creeps into my psyche at moments like these (“You blew out your knees running the marathon and will never run again!”  Yadda yadda…) Really, I know what I should be doing but just have not been organized/disciplined/had enough time to get it together. I need to be doing my strengthening exercises which I have not done at all, I need to be stretching waaaaay more,  (I’ve been doing a very half assed version of my stretching “routine”) I need to get some help and advice on strengthening my entire pelvic region and then I have to make a race commitment which I know is a sure fire way to get my butt focused and in gear.

So there ya go- The Plan (I’m all about the plan) 1/ Strength train every other day   2/Stretch and use roller EVERYDAY  3/Make an appointment to work on pelvic muscles  4/ pick a race for the Fall and register for it.  5/ I really would like to get 4 runs a week in. The past couple of weeks I have had 2 shorts/easy runs and tried long runs on Fridays. Fitting one more run would help I think.


My short runs have been quite fun. A couple of Moms from the neighbourhood are just getting back to running after time off and asked me to join them which is really, really enjoyable- a run and a chat. We’re going out slow with walk breaks which suits me fine. Maybe 2 of those sessions as well as 2 on my own at a slightly faster pace and minus the walk breaks would feel like a decent week- I guess really “knee-d ” to listen to my knees at this point.

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Mama to six kids, theatre artist, doctoral researcher, voice teacher... slow and steady wins the race....

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