Lawn Karama

I took a different route on my run yesterday- I had to walk #3 to his soccer game so I decided to just continue on from there and check out a little pocket of my neighbourhood that I don’t often see- about 10 minutes in I pass by a house with a push mower out front with a note attached to it reading “Free, please take me and use me”- 

We have just “fixed” our sad looking lawn and have cut it only once with a weedwacker- in fact we went looking for a lawnmower but decided that we would have to wait until the next pay cheque to get one considering there was nothing less than $200- and here was one in excellent condition for FREE!

I am a frequent peruser of Craigslist- I have bought things and sold things on it and I have a huge problem with people selling there crap for more than it’s worth. It is my belief that anytime you use Craigslist it is to find a bargin or to be trying to get rid of something or pass it on to someonbe who needs it- and to do it quickly. The few times I have sold things they have gone in a couple of hours and it felt good to get rid of it.  I have also posted things for free with the same results- gone fast to someone who really wanted/nedded it.


So I was thinking there was some really great Karma going on with my pushmower find. Thank you to whoever lives on East 16th bettween Prince Edward and Sophia. I almost pushed it home but thought that might look weird (who cares, right?) so I “sprinted” home jumped in the van and worried that it would be gone when I got there- but it wasn’t.

Came home, mowed the lawn.

I should vary my route more often.

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One thought on “Lawn Karama

  1. Right on! We have a push (reel) mower and it does a great job. Our neighbour just recently switched over too. I always thought for a standard size Vancouver (east side) lot, anything with a motor is overkill.


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