must get it together

It has been awhile but I am still here… up until this week I have been doing the bare minimum running wise- usually bettween 3-4 runs a week- this past week I have not run once…
My IT band has been SO tight- not actually hurting but feeling like it is going to snap- so I decided to lay off running-AND I slightly twisted my ankle (walking down the street!!!) and that is feeling stiff AND on top of that I probably only could have squeezed one run in anyway as I am in my final week at work and things have been kookoo. And then there are the 6 kids to tend to.
I am to run a 1/2 at The BMO in a couple of weeks- fingers crossed. And I have received a challenge from my neighbour and veteran marathoner to run the Royal Victoria October 10 and that gets me feeling a little pumped.
I got it all going on in my head- now if I could just get my body and the rest of my life to cooperate!