back at ‘er

I keep a written training log and while adding up my total miles last night for the previous week I was very surprised to find that I had had my highest mileage week yet (18 miles)since I strarted training in Novemeber. I also passed the 100 miles logged point. It was a nice little boost as I still haven’t been feeling “on my game” since the whole holidays/flu=training disaster. I think I was so surprised because I am so fixated on the long run and not making it past 5.3 as of yet when I should be at 7. 

Yesterday I got a nice 4 miles outdoors in. It was on the slow side because there is still an awful lit of snow and slush around my place. I actually ran on the road for a  bit just to find a clear path. The Main street route is too stinky and had too many stop lights I decided, so I went back to my 37th Ave bike path.


This week is full of promise-things should be back to normal around here except for the ol’ man being away in Montreal with baby boy #3- everyone is back at school finally, childcare is open at the rec centre and I’ve got daycare Fridsy so I can do the long run which if all goes according to plan (and really, when does it ever?!) will be 7 miles.

Big plans for the week- I will try swimming for a cross training session.

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Mama to six kids, theatre artist, doctoral researcher, voice teacher... slow and steady wins the race....

3 thoughts on “back at ‘er

  1. 18 miles, very impressive! I only ran 16 miles last week (as per the schedule). My legs actually felt tired on Sunday after the 7 miles on Saturday, but since that is the farthest I’ve ever run, I guess it’s not surprising. :o)


  2. It was pretty good, it didn’t seem a whole lot farther than 6. I’ve been doing 6 miles about every other Saturday for a couple months now. However, it was raining very cold rain when I did the 7 and it was the first time I’ve come back from a run with numb hands. Not nice!


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