The Great Outdoors

Finally back outside today after 3 weeks!!! It was far from a “perfect” or even “good” run but I’ll take it. My plan was to do 6 miles but ended up doing 5.3. I decided to change my route because of the snow- figuring going straight down Main St. would up my chances of having clear sidewalks to run on which for the most part was true. There was however a fair amount of black ice action so there was a lot of arm waving going on to save myself from falling. Also, I had a lot of car exhaust and traffic lights to deal with. Which leads me to the question… what do YOU do when you come to a red light? I just can’t get myself to jog in place… I’ll pace or jog a bit up the block and back again while waiting for the light to change but just can’t do the waiting -for -the -light -to -chance- jog- it’s just so, um, obvious or something…
Anyhoo… The run was cut a bit short because I took a turn down some side street and hit some very snowy, slippery terrain and my thighs and butt just couldn’t do it anymore- and well, my house was right there…
I sorta, kinda got my Garmin working- and I liked the fact that it was counting gown the kilometers for me (I like the K’s they zip by so much quicker than miles!) I would have liked to see time wise where I was at while running but couldn’t do it- which is just as well because at the end of the run it told me it had taken me 1hr and 11 minutes to run 8.64k’s and that is really really RRREALLY slow! so maybe it’s better I didn’t know that at the time.
I will try and get out for a very short run tomorrow, and a slightly longer one Sunday. I’ve been one day on, one day off this week so I think I can manage that.
I’m looking forward to next week when the gym and childminding is open so I can get a bit of strength training and crosstraining in and just feel more “normal”… whatever that is.

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Mama to six kids, theatre artist, doctoral researcher, voice teacher... slow and steady wins the race....

One thought on “The Great Outdoors

  1. oh, traffic lights. I try to avoid them. My neighbourhood 3m route is kind of a spiral, always turning inwards right where I might otherwise have encountered a light. For example I run up 7th to clark, but when I reach Clark I turn left instead of crossing, then I reach Great Northern Way and turn left intstead of crossing, etc. This type of route has the added benefit that I’m never really that far from home, just kind of looping around it. I think when I start going distances greater than 6 (today actually, I have to go 7) then I will head down to the seawall, which means dealing with 2 lights, Main and 2nd, then I somehow have to get across Quebec St…. j-jog I’m thinking. Not sure what I’ll do at Main and GNW, just stop probably. I’ve set my Garmin to stop when I am not moving so the time won’t be counted. By the way, the main “training” display of your garmin shows total elapsed time and pace. You touch the “training” part of the bezel to get there… then succesive taps toggles you through the options which are the “VP Pace” and the “Time” screens. You want “Time”. Also, to lock the bezel, while running, you hold down both buttons at the same time until it says “bezel locked”, you’ll want to do this eventually because it sucks having the GPS get turned off by accident.


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