In the swim

I got in the pool today for some cross training and it was both very fun and very hard. The first half was the hardest as I was seriously sucking wind- and didn’t think I could make it across the pool every time I set out for another lap but I kinda found my groove and it became somewhat easier- but still felt like I was working darn hard. I was in the “medium” speed lane which I was surprised with as I had expected to be in the slow lane but it’s quite possible there was some seniors retirement home bus parked outside as there were not many of us under 60’s in the place.  I must say I was very impressed and inspired with some of those old gals doing their thing.

Carm, I took your advice on all accounts (goggles-check! flip flops-check!) and really thoroughly enjoyed myself. I found it a nice change- kind of meditative- yet my heart was a pumping and my body feeling it that’s for sure. Next time I need to remember to have water handy as I was very thirsty- and I don’t think I could have done the change room thing without the flip flops so thank you for that!

I’m itching to get out there for a “real” run- tomorrow 4.5 on the treadmill and then Friday 7 outdoors.


Oh-whoosh-heads and check out the very cute swim caps I found at the mall I got black with purple flowers….

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