Red or white?

May I just start with a little whine?  I really kinda do not like my Garmin very much. It is way too complicated for me and I was really OK with my basic Timex. It’s my fault that I showed the ol’ man a picture of it and commented on how cool it was-  I really didn’t expect him to go any buy it for me- which really was a very sweet thing to do. Sweet but expensive and kinda wasted on me. I am not completely giving up- I have had 2 almost civil dealings with the beast and 1 (today) not so civil. I sit with the instruction book open, follow step by step, and for whatever reason all it wants to do is tell me that the sunrises at 8:01 am. Twice, after much wrangling I have got it to countdown my distance for me- how I got to enter the distance I wanted to run, I don’t know, I got there by a fluke. Today after 1/2  hour of much frustration I just decided to go out with it at 6.40 k’s and just turn around for the second 1/2 of my run at that point- which I did. 

I would like to think that I will figure the darn thing out mostly because I’m sure it’s too late to take it back because I’ve used it a few times. So I will persevere with the beast.


The run- I ended up doing 10.23 k’s or 6.3 miles (after it got to the end of the preprogrammed 6.40 I just hit start again and it continued monitoring my run.)

It wasn’t a particularly easy run- at about the half way mark my legs-  or really my quads, actually got sore which hasn’t really happened before- tired or heavy, yes but sore, no. But I enjoyed the whole thing. I am taking any stop lights as “walking and water breaks” and trying to keep Mr. Hal Higdon’s words about how useful they are in my mind- because there is some weird “walking=weakness” ingrained in me somehow and I know that’s complete hooey. If anything, the walking breaks are what are going to get me to this goal.

I am feeling a bit stressed at not being on schedule- this week was supposed to be 8 and the 1/2 marathon is coming up really soon. I will have to sit down with my calender and figure that out- but at the same I can only do so much and again, Mr. Higdon’s words about over training are in my mind.

It felt hard but good today- but I will have to deal with the negative thoughts that swirl around in my brain especially when I’m out pounding the pavement, like the fact that I am behind schedule, also the sleep issue that I have been avoiding talking about-  I probably average 4.5 to 5 hrs sleep a night and while I’m mostly used to that it doesn’t mean it’s good or optimal for marathon training. As well the other sleep issue is baby boy #6 and his non-napping ways. My “short runs” are now 4.5- instead of 3 and I am lucky if I can get him to nap 45 minutes which mean that, like yesterday I had to cut it short to 4 and that included jumping off 3 times to try and get him back to sleep. It’s a drag that the gym has a 20 minute time limit for the treadmill because I have childcare there for 1.5 hr. I just might have to start running in the evening which doesn’t appeal to me too much as I am usually really totally bagged by 8.


Gotta work it out. Will work it out.


The ol’ man and baby boy #3 return from Montreal tomorrow- yippee! single parent to 5 children make for a slightly cranky mama. I have a bottle of wine on the counter that I have been waiting to crack (until after the long run- is 1 in the afternoon too early to start drinking?) so I shall enjoy a glass tonight and um, get to bed early…


See- I started the day with a little whine and I will end the day with a little wine.

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4 thoughts on “Red or white?

  1. You’re funny! whine and wine, I like it, two of my favourite things to indulge in. Okay, I will show you how to use the Garmin next time I see you. If you still don’t see the point of it after that then I suggest selling it on craigslist to someone local so you don’t have to ship it. I could probably even get this guy I work with to buy it off you but he’s a little cheap so he probably wouldn’t offer you as much as someone else. It’s the latest model (you got the 405 right?) so you should be able to get like at least 80% of what it cost, which is a fair chunk of change. But once you see how it works I think you’ll like it more and want to keep it.

    Try not to worry so much about the schedule! Easier said than done I know. It’s important, but you do what you can right? The extra stress won’t help. Right now I’m loving my schedule because it’s telling me I only have to run 5 miles tomorrow, although I have to do 9 (yikes!) next Saturday.

    I don’t know what to say about how to manage the babe and the training. I know I’m not really qualified to address it. Is it seriously not cool to put a kid to play in one of those playpens while you’re running on the machine and right there looking at him? Or would he just stand there crying and waiting for you to pick him up? The only other bright idea I can come up with today is to wonder if there is some other mom on your block who is at home during the day who likes to exercise or is also training for some event who would be willing to look after the little fella for the time you need, in exchange for a return of the same favour.

    And hey, what’s the deal with the sleeping? Is it baby waking you up or are you saying that you are having insomnia issues? Do tell…


  2. PS – I’m never sure if I’ve made my point: you are doing great! You have 6 kids for goodness sake, and a very high-maintenance husband (okay, just kidding about the husband). Cut yourself some slack. You’ll make it to the half, you’ll finish it, and then you’ll realize you’re going to be okay!


  3. You totally made your point and you’ve been a HUGE support so thank you!!!

    I would put baby in a playpen in a heartbeat but he would just stand there and wail… I’m serious thinking evening is the way to go… but like I said there is the being too pooped thing.

    It is the kids that keep me up- there are usually a minimum of 2 kids in my bed each night kicking crying squirming…- I know I should be experienced at this getting your kids to sleep thing but somehow it’s just not coming together for me! Then again, I knew all about this sleep handicap when I signed up for the race as it’s pretty much been this way for the last 16 years- it’s just kind of hitting home how it may affect me.


  4. you already ran a 10k as part of training??? moving right along…. : )
    try running in the evening, it’s hard but then you’ll have good energy for all your evening tasks!


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