Mamalegato’s going metric!

Just thought that I would get the word out there to all you readers (lol!) that I will from now on be recording all my mileage in Kilometers- it was always a slightly uncomfortable thing for me to be talking about “miles” run but my training programmes were always American and therefore always in miles. I would cringe slightly anytime someone would ask me how far I ran and I would say 12 miles and then they would reply, “Miles? Why do you measure in miles?!” and I as a Canadian, would feel slightly ashamed.

I’ve always been a “Zed” verses “Zee” kind of gal, a neighbour over neighbor, theatre over theater and favourite instead of favorite- so I am officially now a 42.2 Kilometer marathon runner rather than a 26.2 mile marathon runner.


The nice thing about kilometers is that it does sound farther- when I mentioned I had gone for my longest run since the race last Friday, 8K- the person laughed and said “ONLY 8 K!! ” as if I was downplaying this great distance I had run. I wonder if they would have been just as impressed if I had said 4.9 miles?

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2 thoughts on “Mamalegato’s going metric!

  1. Hey! Ya, me too, I configured my Garmin to km’s just after the marathon (“just after the marathon” it’s still weird to say that!) I ran 10k in Parc La Fontaine this morning, it was great (that’s 4 times around the perimeter, then we walked up Mont Royal to La Croix, then down to the ND de Neige Cemetiere … just finished a great meal of the most amazing Greek food…. are you jealous yet? I’m sorry I shouldn’t gloat but it was a great day in Montreal!


  2. So jealous!

    That comment reads like an entry in a Lonely Planet Guide that always gets me itching to travel.
    I hear you’re having din tonight with the sisters-in-law ou “Les Belle Soeurs”
    Again… Jealous! All my favourite people together and I’m not there!


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