Run, run, run away…

I’ve finally managed to get a bit of a running practice/groove going on here. It has been 10 years since I ran a marathon—  (it appears that I am still wearing the same running shoes!) and although I have only ever run the one (there were a few half-marathons in the year or two beforeContinue reading “Run, run, run away…”

Not waving but drowning…

I really think I need a different hobby… This running thing is KILLING me, which is kind of strange since I have been running very little lately. I’ve been THINKING about running a great deal and driving myself insane… I need to figure out this IT band thing, and I need to figure out aContinue reading “Not waving but drowning…”

…Ain’t No Cure For The Summertime Blues

As much as I love summer and the opportunity to break with the monotony of schedules, the racing from one activity to another, the juggling, the “lets GO! everyone in the van!!” I am certainly finding, in terms of ” getting things done,” I thrive in that atmosphere, when there are a billion things to getContinue reading “…Ain’t No Cure For The Summertime Blues”

Are We There yet?

Next time I tell you that I’m looking forward to spending 4 days in a hotel room with 6 kids slap me ‘k?   No, really, I joke, a lovely time was had by all for the most part, except for the first night when I sliced open my hand on a wine glass thatContinue reading “Are We There yet?”

More about B.J. McHugh

I really love this woman because she possess some key traits that I strive for (NOT easy!) and completely admire in other people; she’s upbeat and positive, humble, she doesn’t complain and not only does she believe in always having a goal  but she reaches them!! True beauty I say. I only hope I canContinue reading “More about B.J. McHugh”