Strep Throat

The weekend started off promising enough… Friday morning I went for an early morning 5 K- which was a treat as the Ol’ Man was home working on the house so I was able to slip out- and it went perfectly… NO knee pain- I was feeling very inspired and seeing as njb had just sent me a training programme that I really like the look of (Hal Higdon’s Novice 3 Marathon Training)  I was feeling pumped… I was finally going to get going on a programme.

By dinner time I had a scratchy throat… Oh-oh… my neighbour and the woman who looks after #6 once a week had had strep throat. I went to bed and woke up a 2 am unable to swallow.

Drats. I haven’t felt that sick for a long long time. I knew if I got antibiotics in me they would kick in right away as it has been years since I’ve taken any- but I would have to go through the whole Doctor’s office, swab, lab, waiting…

I called the Doctor first thing Saturday morning and of course they were not in but I did get the (very young sounding) Doctor on call. I explained my situation- making sure to include the fact that I had been in contact with 2 people who had strep throat AND that I have 6 kids. She promised to talk to her supervisor and get back to me… and what do you know? She did took the “unusual” step (her words) of just calling the prescription into the pharmacy of my choice- God Bless her. Playing the “I’ve got 6 kids have mercy on me” card sometimes works…

After 2 does of the penicillin of I was feeling sooooooo much better- although the antibiotics are zapping my energy somewhat I no longer feel deathly ill with a throat full of razor blades.

I even feel tempted to go for a wee run- although that may be pushing it today. Maybe channelling the bit of energy I have into some strengthening exercises and stretching would be the better choice.

Published by mamalegato

Mama to six kids, theatre artist, doctoral researcher, voice teacher... slow and steady wins the race....

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