The Slump

It’s official, I’m calling it, I am in a running slump… although it’s unclear as to whether I ever really hit my stride or got into any real groove after the marathon (2 months ago now- ooooo I’d hadn’t really thought about it being 2 months- a long time non?) I have just not been able to find my mojo, for lack of a better term. There have been many circumstances contributing to this lack of running enthusiasm and quite frankly I have felt quite motivated mentally much of the time but have just had so physical issues and family issues standing in my way. Having said that, I’ve always kind of made it my policy not to put the blame on anything except myself when it come to getting things  done. I find taking full responsibility and “owning” my responsibilities (whether they be to others or to myself) is the only way to get things done. Set some goals, and reach them- how you get there is your own business but it has to get done or what’s the point in setting a goal?

So I won’t whine about these antibiotics that are just wiping me of my energy, this unexplained knot in my lower back, these children that are home for summer vacation and need constant supervision/entertaining or my big toe which is bandaged and throbbing and which I can’t put any weight on after I stepped on a %&*@$ nail sticking out of the floor last night, because I don’t believe in excuses or whining, I believe in getting the job done.

So there.

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Mama to six kids, theatre artist, doctoral researcher, voice teacher... slow and steady wins the race....

4 thoughts on “The Slump

  1. Hang in there! I have no antibiotics, kids, nails or anything holding me back. I have been running, but I am having huge issues with overwhelming urges to stop and walk. Urges which I am giving in to. At first it was just the Saturday run, where I try to do 10K, and I was thinking I start too late in the morning and it’s too hot… but now it’s on the shorter runs during the week too. I have no tolerance anymore for runs over 30 minutes (so about 5k). I can’t explain it. Maybe I’m in a slump too… or maybe I just don’t like running that much (for more than 30 minutes). I know if I had a goal race this problem would probably go away, but if I don’t like running that much then why bother??? This is the question I have been asking myself.


  2. Pretty strange don’t you think considering you ran 42.2k’s just a couple of months ago?! and you’ve never been much of a walker have you? Would you sign up for another race? You were thinking a 10k awhile ago..


  3. I think it’s super strange. But at the same time I don’t think I’ve ever really “loved” running. I’ve never been an endorphins kind of gal, or if I did ever have an endorphin rush it was not noteworthy. I figure I’m just going to start doing something else once a week, probably the stationary bike, and stick to short runs (like in my pre-marathon days) for the other weekly sessions. I’ll try to do 10k’s on Saturdays though. Yes, I will sign up for a 10k race one day, but only if I can get my avg. pace down to 5’30” per km (so maybe never, ha!). I feel no need to just “finish” a 10k, I would want to be sure that I could come in solidly under one hour. That’s my exercise plan man! Aren’t you glad you know?!


  4. Hey for some reason you are reading my exercise plans… and finding it interesting (?!) Why wouldn’t I find your interesting?!! ; )


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