No Instructions Needed

I came across Lalah Delia’s book Vibrate Higher Daily after reading an article on her in Yoga Journal. I liked the whole message of identifying the things in your life that raise you up to be a better self and exploring ways of nurturing these energies over the negative ones that always seem to find a way of taking us over. The overarching message is that we must develop methods to open ourselves to our highest potential by cultivating not only a more meaningful life but a healthier one. All things I can get behind.
However, the book was somewhat disappointing as somehow, I expected there to be a more comprehensive method offered—like… do X, Y and Z and you will MASTER the art of higher vibrations! But instead, Delia offers the obvious advice ; avoid toxic people, eat healthy food, keep a journal etc. The basics for a woo-woo warrior like myself Truly, the only take-away for me came from my own ruminations of the title itself which, I have since been using as a kind of mantra or reminder on regular basis. HOW can I raise my vibration on a daily basis? What are the negative energies in my life right now and how can I increase and choose the nurturing ones over the negative ones? I keep a running list—and on days when I am struggling with… anything really— I’ll simply remind myself that I have so many things that I can choose to engage with that can switch up how I am moving through the day. Things like; getting outside to be near water (I am lucky enough to have a lake within walking distance of both my home and my office on campus) – or, brewing a cup of coffee and reading a book (for pleasure!) for 20 minutes in the middle of the day… simple pleasure that go a long way. It is a living document and I continue to add to my “Things That I Turn to When I Need to Up my Vibration-Game” list – for example a few weeks ago, I had the chance to go see some live music. It had been, of course at least 18 months since I had been to any kind of concert and I was hesitant- (Ugh! Going out after dinner! Seeing people! What if I don’t like it?) But the featured performer was the daughter of a colleague AND it was just a few blocks from my house – the audience would be distanced and masked– I had very little in the way of leverage as far as my excuses went. So, I left my home AFTER DINNER (!)

The singer was Kyrie Kristmanson a Canadian Singer-songwriter (from Regina!) now living in France. Her music is somewhat hard to define but I would describe it as “alt-folk-contemporary- chanteuse” and I was enchanted. Vibrations were raised. She was charming, her voice captivating, the music mesmerizing. In fact, the hour I put in sitting in the audience that evening was enough to raise my vibration for a day or two after. “Attend concerts” was added to THE list.
So, I guess, (for me anyway) there really isn’t any kind of method or set of instructions in this regard. The whole “vibrate higher daily” idea- in practice- is more intentional than just “do what makes you feel good” obviously. It goes far beyond instant gratification which tends to lower vibrations instead of raise them (think- wolfing down a package of cookies or mindlessly scrolling on social media 2 of my personal “favourites) and instead, is about how daily actions can reverberate and sustain. The walk by the water calms me physically, the break to have a coffee and read restores me mentally and seeing live music inspires me. All things that lead to me live at my “highest potential”– no instruction manual required.

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