8 days

I regret that I haven’t been able to really blog “properly”- by that I guess I mean regularly- there are so many things that cross my mind while I’m out there running and then, well, it’s all about having the time non? I just know it will be lots of fun to look back and be able to see what I went through.

Today was 8 miles, my last “long” run before the marathon. It went well. My pace has “magically” improved in the last week or so- apparently that’s what is supposed to be happening, without really trying I’m running faster. I need to really take care to stretch- I get lazy or “busy” and don’t do it sometimes but find that it makes a huge difference- my hips are pretty much always tight and my knee “twinge-y” on most runs- no pain- just the feeling that it may go at any point.

Nutrition is my main focus right now. I asked marathon Mom from preschool for advice and she said rest and EAT. I have been eating way too much junk and am trying hard to fill up on good stuff- to make every bite count since I have such a puny appetite at the best of times. I’m just trying to keep it kind of clean and natural- lost of  fruit, veg and whole grains with enough protein.

I’ve been daydreaming about my next goal while out on my runs and I still keep coming back to distance running- it’s really been so therapeutic for me during this topsy turvy time in my life, it will be interesting to see if running the 26.2 miles will get it out of system or leave me wanting more. Right now I think about yoga a lot, and also kayaking for some reason, getting comfortable on a bike and really, training for another race. maybe a 1/2 in the Fall.

8 days to go.

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12 thoughts on “8 days

  1. okay, i have to ask, what kind of underwear do you wear on long runs? I just switched to tight shorts (like the biking style, but nike and for running), and I’m wondering about my usual cotton underwear and how comfortable (or not) that combination might be?? Do tell!


  2. Never cottons… too soggy!! : )

    I wear brief style that sit lower on the hips but are cut lower on the leg because I find they don’t ride up too much and they are that non-cotton quick drying type of material. I almost bought a new pair of shorts that had the underwear built in but thought since I’m doing h=find in the combo I’m in now I should stick with it.
    I think I bought my underwear at The Bay and I think they are Fruit of The Loom- but I have seen similar at The Running Room.

    About package pick up I’ll go Friday- Thursday will be too hectic for me and I don’t mind going solo on Friday.

    How are you planning on getting to the race on Sunday?


  3. thanks for the underwear tips! We were thinking of driving the car to Main and parking on either First or Industrial Ave on the East side of Main. I think it’ll be about a half-mile walk to the start line from there (10 minute walk). I figure that’ll allow for a warm-up walk, and there should be lots of places to park the car. What are your plans? Is the whole family taking you to the start or what? Of course you are more than welcome to come to our place and go with us, we could even drive up and get you if you want to let the family sleep in. I’m assuming you’ll want them all at the start, but it is awfully early! Not sure at exactly what time I will get to the start area, but I plan to get up at about 4AM, at the latest, to get the bodily functions going well before the race. Anyway, let me know if you want to coordinate something. At the very least we should find a spot to meet up before the start so we can chat while we wait for the porta-potties.


  4. “so we can chat while we wait for the porta-potties” I promise to come only with my best game on race day (ie – POSITIVE ATTITUDE!).


  5. it’s a 7:30 start right?
    I don’t think I’ll bring the whole family to the start… way too stressful- I was kinda thinking about taking the bus but I definitely want to hang with you while we’re waiting so we have to make a meet up place-Also I am totally comfortable starting with you- but I am going to try very hard to go very slow and I will do the run 10 walk 1. I think your very slow may be faster then my very slow.
    I’m glad to hear you’re leaving any negative thoughts at home!! I was a tiny bit worried about you!! I too, of course, have my worries but have convinced myself that as long as I can walk I will cross the finish line- who cares about the time and that everyone has left and the course has been closed for hours…
    The whole family will be there at the end- except for #2 who has a a concert.

    Are you bringing a bag to check? I was planning to wear a throw away jacket and bring nothing and have Gus bring me anything I needed at the end.

    #2 and I checked our bags at the Sun Run last year and it was a nightmare. (we waited 2 hours in a line up to claim them… not fun)

    Also, I still haven’t figured out to get my watch to beep for the 10/1 and still have the screen that I like (time, pace, miles)- maybe you can talk me through it…


  6. Let us drive up and get you! It’ no problem at all! I had a feeling the bag check thing was probably not worth the hassle and did not intend on using it. I will have A bring me a bag at the finish area so I can get out of my wet things as soon as possible. You can leave your bag with Anne too if you like. What time do you think we should come and get you?? If you have the watch set up for intervals (10-1’s) then you just have to press start to have the timer start, and THEN switch to the screen that you like, and THEN lock the bezel. It should continue to show the screen that you like, but when the intervals come up it will beep. Try it out and if it doesn’t work let me know. We will start together and stick to whatever paces we are comfortable with. It is far too long a race to think that we can match pace exactly for the whole thing. No worries!


  7. Yes, about an hour before or maybe a teenchy bit less. So we should probably be at your house around 6:15. Do you want to have the warm-up walk I mentioned, or should we just have A drop us off as close to the start as possible?? I can’t decide. NOt sure if you are interested in this or not but the BMO map was starting to drive me nuts. Here’s the real thing on Gmap pedometer. Surprisingly, it seems to be about 26.2 miles! haha! http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=2776819


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