Something’s gotta give…

It’s all about choices right?  It’s a topic I have had come up countless times over my 16 year mothering career… finding the time to exercise. And it always come down to one thing, making the choice to just do it. Sure something’s gotta give… sometimes it’s the housework, sometimes it’s the cup of coffeeContinue reading “Something’s gotta give…”

Gettin’ with the programme…

I’ve posted the Hal Higdon  ( Programme I’m using on my “programme” page. Really this is my first “official” week of training as I am using a 12 week Half marathon programme and this week makes it 12 weeks until the Half. I will then switch over to his Novice Full marathon programme. This justContinue reading “Gettin’ with the programme…”

I found the G-spot… I mean Map!

OK I couldn’t resist… because I am very excited to have found Gmaps Pedometer I think it’s one of those basic secrets of running geeks (the lady at The Running Room told me about it) and now that I know about it my runs will never be the same! Basically you go onContinue reading “I found the G-spot… I mean Map!”

Mama said there would be days like these.

Sunday I decide I need to get another outside run in as Mondays-Thursdays are almost impossible to do anything except run on the treadmill, as I have childcare issues. Fresh off my “hey that was easier than I thought” Friday run I decide to run a similar course but for 3 miles only, so asContinue reading “Mama said there would be days like these.”