8 days

I regret that I haven’t been able to really blog “properly”- by that I guess I mean regularly- there are so many things that cross my mind while I’m out there running and then, well, it’s all about having the time non? I just know it will be lots of fun to look back and be able to see what I went through.

Today was 8 miles, my last “long” run before the marathon. It went well. My pace has “magically” improved in the last week or so- apparently that’s what is supposed to be happening, without really trying I’m running faster. I need to really take care to stretch- I get lazy or “busy” and don’t do it sometimes but find that it makes a huge difference- my hips are pretty much always tight and my knee “twinge-y” on most runs- no pain- just the feeling that it may go at any point.

Nutrition is my main focus right now. I asked marathon Mom from preschool for advice and she said rest and EAT. I have been eating way too much junk and am trying hard to fill up on good stuff- to make every bite count since I have such a puny appetite at the best of times. I’m just trying to keep it kind of clean and natural- lost of  fruit, veg and whole grains with enough protein.

I’ve been daydreaming about my next goal while out on my runs and I still keep coming back to distance running- it’s really been so therapeutic for me during this topsy turvy time in my life, it will be interesting to see if running the 26.2 miles will get it out of system or leave me wanting more. Right now I think about yoga a lot, and also kayaking for some reason, getting comfortable on a bike and really, training for another race. maybe a 1/2 in the Fall.

8 days to go.

I found the G-spot… I mean Map!

OK I couldn’t resist… because I am very excited to have found Gmaps Pedometer http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/ I think it’s one of those basic secrets of running geeks (the lady at The Running Room http://www.runningroom.com/ told me about it) and now that I know about it my runs will never be the same! Basically you go on it- type in an address, press start recording and then double click along a route you would like to run and VOILA! it tells you how far the route is. Mt friend had told me that Google has a similar type of thing but I couldn’t figure it out- this is super duper easy. Not knowing exactly how far I was running was always a bit frustrating as I would just go on time and approximate my distance. Now I know and I am hoping it will help with my focus. Today for example I mapped a 4 mile out and back route starting from my house- I know I have to get to Oak Street and that is where I turn around.

Yesterday I actually spent some time mapping out some fantasy routes, marvelling at the distances… hours of entertainment I tell ya!

to rest or not to rest?

One of the things I have been reading over and over again is the need to have “rest days” when you are training.  This, believe it or not is really difficult when one is still pumped and full of vim and vinegar from the excitement of deciding to run a marathon. All you want to do is get that run in… Today I am trying to “rest”. I did do a 30 minutes brisk walk with the baby in the stroller but that doesn’t count… I simply needed to move my body. Tomorrow is exciting because I have a long run planned. By long run I mean 4 whole miles. I have daycare set up for the little ones. The whole daycare thing was for me to get it together to find a part time job. I only have 1 day a week (Fridays) booked but of course all I can think about is I can get a long run in  without having to work around hockey, rugby, choir practice, dance class or a birthday party! Get the 2 oldest out the door at 7:30, drop the 2 youngest off at daycare at 8:00 take the 2 middle ones to school for 8:30- and BAM! I’m running 4 miles!

You know what they say about the best laid plans…


And I’m sure I can find time to do some job hunting after the run!

3 miles down 26.2 miles to go…

I’ve started telling people that I’m running a marathon and I have to tell you that I feel like somewhat of a fraud… because I always get the same ” Oh my god, I’m so impressed!” reaction and really there’s not much to be impressed about…..yet. The longest distance I’ve run in my while life is 10K (about 7 miles) 3 times. The longest distance I’ve run in the past 6 months is 3 miles. So truly there is not much to be impressed about except that I am foolish enough to sign on (and pay $85!) to do such a thing. I have my moments when I think “what the hell have I gotten myself into?” But I think I am still in the ” Honeymoon stage” of my training because I’m still feeling pumped and optimistic!