Not waving but drowning…

I really think I need a different hobby… This running thing is KILLING me, which is kind of strange since I have been running very little lately. I’ve been THINKING about running a great deal and driving myself insane…

I need to figure out this IT band thing, and I need to figure out a cross training activity that I can fall in love with and commit to. I feel drawn to yoga, I did a few classes of Mike Dennison’s Runners Yoga which I liked very much- but as with everything in my crazy life, so much of it has to do with fitting it in to my (or the kids) crazy schedule.  I know a regular yoga practice would probably do wonders for my aches and pains, it’s just a matter of doing it- I am setting my sights on next week. Next week everything will change.

I was quite excited about this week- it was the first week since my work term had ended and I had BIG plans, that included running, yoga classes and working on my Grad school application… but then sick kids and school professional days happened and I have got NOTHING done.

I need to regroup, refocus and face the truth. I will not be able to run the half next week. there is an 8k race I will have to do that. I just bought myself a very expensive race t-shirt. boo.

My IT band is sore all the time, not just when I run. I have pins and needles running down my leg constantly. Not good. I want to fix it. I want to run another marathon.

I miss running- I really don’t feel “right” when I’m not running on a regular basis- I’ve got to get back there somehow.

Baby steps

Did I mention that I am finding it hard to stick to any kind of programme?  There many things to “blame” it on (the heat, the kids being home for summer vacation, my “iffy” knee)  but mostly I am staying calm about the whole thing and trying to find that balance between taking the summer for what’s it worth (I’ve got 6 kids home for summer vacation fer cryin’ out loud!) and giving myself that little nudge that I need to get out there and push myself just a little farther.

I am happy to report that I have run 4 times since last Saturday- Saturday was 8 K on my own and the last 3 runs have been with the ladies in the evening in the 5 to 6.5 k range, and I must say I am very grateful for the motivation they have provided me with for getting out there- I think all 3 evenings, it is quite possible that I may have talked myself out of going out after the little ones bedtime, but knowing someone is waiting for you makes ALL the difference. I love my solo runs and wouldn’t trade them- they are my therapy,  the ONLY time I am ever alone but I was really and truly in need of some company out there and am thrilled to have found it.

So, all in all, the slump is lifting, slowly but surely, and I am taking baby steps, baby steps forward and that’s all that matters at the moment! I would like to somehow slip in that strength training I have been talking about- it seems simple enough- I basically have the equipment I need to do what I need to do but somehow- in the big jumble that is my life, I fall into bed and think “Doh! I forgot to do my exercises!” So that is THIS baby’s next step!