They tried to make me go to Rehab…

I’m not running.
It just would be silly- I want to be running when I’m 80- so I have to get a handle on this injury now.
So no marathon, no 1/2 not even an 8K- I am lying low.
I tried Moksha yoga this week and loved it. I would say it was my most positive yoga experience so far. My plan is to go 2 times a week- I am trying to be realistic- making it to classes with everything I have on my plate is a challenge- 2 times a week- now that I’m not working and can go when 5 are at school and 1 is at daycare seems do-able. I will continue to “try out” my IT band going for very short (5K’s) runs if there is no pain. I will use my foam roller and I will do my physio prescribed exercises.
I will not get jealous when I see a woman walking down Cambie Street with her 2010 Vancouver Marathon blue race package bag… I have decided not to pick up my package. I don’t want to see my number and it just means trying to fit in a trip downtown to get it.
Rehab- it’ s all about the Rehab baby…
And as my good friend njb said, it’s supposed to rain Sunday.
Jealous? Who me?!

Not waving but drowning…

I really think I need a different hobby… This running thing is KILLING me, which is kind of strange since I have been running very little lately. I’ve been THINKING about running a great deal and driving myself insane…

I need to figure out this IT band thing, and I need to figure out a cross training activity that I can fall in love with and commit to. I feel drawn to yoga, I did a few classes of Mike Dennison’s Runners Yoga which I liked very much- but as with everything in my crazy life, so much of it has to do with fitting it in to my (or the kids) crazy schedule.  I know a regular yoga practice would probably do wonders for my aches and pains, it’s just a matter of doing it- I am setting my sights on next week. Next week everything will change.

I was quite excited about this week- it was the first week since my work term had ended and I had BIG plans, that included running, yoga classes and working on my Grad school application… but then sick kids and school professional days happened and I have got NOTHING done.

I need to regroup, refocus and face the truth. I will not be able to run the half next week. there is an 8k race I will have to do that. I just bought myself a very expensive race t-shirt. boo.

My IT band is sore all the time, not just when I run. I have pins and needles running down my leg constantly. Not good. I want to fix it. I want to run another marathon.

I miss running- I really don’t feel “right” when I’m not running on a regular basis- I’ve got to get back there somehow.

A very big decision

I just made a very BIG very IMPORTANT decision.

Ever since the 1/2 I ran a week and a half ago I have really not been able to run. I gave myself a few days off after the race, then came down with a cold and generally felt very low energy. I got out for a easy 5 K and it was slow and creaky but fine. The next day however knee pain was back in my everyday life- not just when running. I had hoped to do 11k yesterday and get back on schedule but could only manage 3.5k- and some of it I had to walk.

I have started yoga (VERY hard but I liked it) and I go to see my accupuncturist today but I have been nervously eyeing the calendar since last week and the marathon is 7 weeks away… my long run is supposed to be 24K this week and 28 the next. It’s not going to happen- as determined and optimistic as I can be my body will not cooperate. Couple that with the fact that the next 6 weeks will be my very busiest at work…

So I changed my entry in the BMO Vancouver Marathon to the Half category. Still a good goal- but one that I feel more confident I can achieve.

I thought long and hard about it and I want to be in this for the long term. I had made a goal to run 1 marathon a year- and that is still very attainable- it is only March. If I push it now I might do some real damage. And this should be a wake up call to myself that I MUST do the stretches and the strength training to be able to endure the long distances.

A bit of weight had been taken off my shoulders but there’s a still enough pressure to make myself crazy.

I’m all about the crazy.

Not panicking…yet!

My knee is bothering me. I ran 15.5 k on the weekend successfully- and for the most part felt strong- except for the last 10 minutes or so when my knee felt “twingy” Today on my 8K just past 1/2 way it was pain I felt so I stopped to walk a 2 minutes not wanting to push it. I’m stretching but could be doing more. I’m icing it after runs and putting heat on it at night. I’m rolling on my Relaxus foam body roller.
But the question as always is to run or not to run…