I like surprises!

Yay! for positive thinking! Yay! for gorgeous “winter” days, Yay! for friends who pick you up to accompany you and cheer you on at your race, Yay! for acupuncture, Yay! for beating your best time by 10 minutes! Yay! for me!!! The race went well. It was very hard, more hilly than I was preparedContinue reading “I like surprises!”

Everything’s comng up roses…

…and¬†daffodils and cherry blossoms and crocuses and tulips… gotta love the winter Olympics in Vancouver! Anyhoo- On running… I’ve ran. 3 times this week to be exact. 3K on Monday, 5K on Tuesday and 8K today. And me knee has held out. There were twinges on Monday- but today I felt strong. I am stretchingContinue reading “Everything’s comng up roses…”

All it takes is a little focus… right?!

I am here. I am running. Really I am. I am desperate to get something rolling… as in some serious training, and in the last 2 weeks I feel as if I am on the right track. I am running the Historic Half in 3 weeks (!) I can do it. But I need toContinue reading “All it takes is a little focus… right?!”

Come hell or high water…

I’m doing it. I’m gonna run come hell or high water- my post last week where I ran (pardon the pun) down every (quite valid really) reason I can’t be running right now just didn’t sit right. Instead of making me feel “better” or “relieved” or “off the hook” ¬†I was just depressed about it.Continue reading “Come hell or high water…”