Que Sera Sera…

I’m trying not to get too excited BUT no knee pain this morning… It is only 6:30 am- but Hey! I’ll take whatever I can get. I will not run today making it 5 days off- but I will try for a a short one (8K) tomorrow. It looks like I won’t get my last long run (17K) in but I am still feeling very positive that I will run the damn race.
A friend stopped by a couple of days ago to find my lying on the floor, stretching, and when I whined to her about my knee and not being able to run and the race coming up blah, blah, blah… she looked at me like I was crazy and said ” So don’t run! Why put yourself through that!” Ah, good point… It’s all about perspective non? I’m a middle aged working Mother of 6 who just lived through yet another major house renovation and I’m freaking out because my knee hurts? Get over it.

I’m just trying to be chill about the whole thing- I will go to the race, and just see what happens, Que Sera Sera…

Not panicking…yet!

My knee is bothering me. I ran 15.5 k on the weekend successfully- and for the most part felt strong- except for the last 10 minutes or so when my knee felt “twingy” Today on my 8K just past 1/2 way it was pain I felt so I stopped to walk a 2 minutes not wanting to push it. I’m stretching but could be doing more. I’m icing it after runs and putting heat on it at night. I’m rolling on my Relaxus foam body roller.
But the question as always is to run or not to run…

Sneakin’ one in…

A very brief update…

Had a couple of great weeks… feeling strong and goin’ long… but in the last week life’s been CR-azy and I am really just trying hard to maintain- Getting out for a few 5ks and a 8 if I’m lucky.

I even “snuck”  in a run today… literally… so much to do and on top of it, the ol’ man gives me much grief about being so selfish as to run when there are things to be done- he really doesn’t get the “I function so much better when I exercise” thing- so I just got back from a run that he doesn’t have to know about ’cause he’s not here!!!

I just gotta get through the next couple of weeks- fight to maintain and then worry about the rest later.

Things that are working/Things that aren’t

I’m back baby!!

In the past 2 weeks I have gotten into a bit of a training groove. It hasn’t been all rosy 100% of the time- it is a process- I’m taking it day by day- but I’m happy to report that I had a “4 runs” week and then a “3 runs” week and I started out this week with 10k yesterday and a swim this morning. Giddy up!

Things that are working;

1. Prioritizing. Which means- go for a run and leave the dishes if the kids are at daycare and school and/or the ol’man is in a good mood and will “babysit” (whatever?!) It also mean realizing I am FAR more efficient after I exercise- I have, in the last 2 weeks been back to a running schedule AND gotten back on my feet with a course I am taking. Coincidence? I think not.

2. Run every other day. My knee/IT band does not like to be called into action 2 days in a row.  Cross training will be key and something I will have to push myself to do.

3. Do not panic if I cannot shower after a run. Getting the run in is priority- there are ways to freshen up without a shower, and with my schedule there are some times where I cannot do both. Big deal. But please feel free to let me know if I stink. Really.

4. I have just re-discovered the joy of on-line grocery shopping (SPUD.CA) As the working and running Mum of 6 I gotta say I love it! If you are interested in trying it use the code CRVAN-HOLSHC and each of us will get a $25 discount. They even have a huge recipe section where they show you the recipe and you can put the ingredients right into your cart for checkout. Pricewise they show you comparisons with major grocery chains and they are they same and/or slightly lower than the competitors AND if you have a standing order you get 5% off AND 20% off many bulk orders.

5. Signing up for a race gives me the motivation to get my butt out and running. I knew that about myself- so what took me so long?

What’s not working;

1. Need to stretch more need to stretch more need to stretch more…

2. Strengthening exercises… do them!!!!

3. Drink water- seems like a no brainer- but uh, apparently I have a HUGE brain.

All in all- things are looking up- Mamalegato is running and all’s well… until the kids get home and I haven’t done the dishes ’cause I was running.

Come hell or high water…

I’m doing it. I’m gonna run come hell or high water- my post last week where I ran (pardon the pun) down every (quite valid really) reason I can’t be running right now just didn’t sit right. Instead of making me feel “better” or “relieved” or “off the hook”  I was just depressed about it. Running became so important to me- and not just running willy-nilly -half -assed- mamby-pamby  but TRAINING just felt so great, as hard as it was, and I want to be doing it, no, I NEED to be doing it, so I must find a way, and I will.

I ran this morning, despite having piles and piles of work to do, I just went out for a 5K and it was glorious and when I walked in the door I walked straight over to the computer and registered for the Historic Half Marathon in Fort Langley on February 21 2010. (Thanks to njb for the nudge!) Done. I needed that. It’s a tiny step and I need to recognize that this is totally the honeymoon phase, that initial excitement upon registering for the race. Next month when it snows and I’m in the thick of holiday mayhem I just might be whining a tiny bit. But for now I’ll enjoy the “I’m going to run a race” high.

Je suis ici!

I am here.

Life is CR-azy.

2 runs in the past 2 weeks.

New job, new kids schedules…

I am determined I will run again, VERY soon.

I cannot wait for things to settle down, but rather, must figure out how to work within this chaos. Because really, when is my life ever NOT chaotic?

Still thinking about a marathon in the Spring.

You’ll hear all about it.

Heigh Ho Heigh Ho…

I’ve been away for awhile, we went on our very fun trip to Tofino (saw whales, a bear an eagle, lots of sea lions, surfed, boogie boarded, evening fire on the beach… did it all!) and when I returned I had 1 week to prepare for a job interview.

Not just any job interview, but pretty close to my dream job interview.

Not just any job interview but pretty much my only job interview in the past 10+ years- and before that, it wasn’t job interviews, it was auditions, similar, but not the same thing.

I have to say I felt as best prepared as I could be, I went in to it wanting to have fun and I did. I tried really hard to focus not so much on wanting the job so bad, (it would just be so perfect and great pay and good hours and, and…) and tell myself that I was probably a long shot because, well, I’m pretty sure I am a long shot, but that doesn’t make me want it any less.

I should hear within the next couple of days and I gotta say the waiting is brutally stressful. This job would change my life dramatically and while I do feel I’m totally up for the challenge, the sooner I know my life is about to change the quicker I have to prepare for the change. And I like planning.

I’m very ready to jump into work. I love been a stay home Mum and I have been pretty much doing it for almost 17 years give or take a few years when I was working in spurts- I do worry how I would make the transition to working outside the home or rather, I worry more about how the rest of the family will adjust n to me working away from the home- but I really feel a need to do it. And frankly raising 6 kids, in the city is proving to be very very tricky on one salary.

And so I wait, and in the meantime I am trying to figure out how to be totally on my game the next time a similar job posting comes up. So far I know it involves getting out there and working in my field but I think it also involves me getting a graduate degree- somehow, someway. As the Mum of 6 kids I totally acknowledge that this will be tricky,but, and I know I have probably mentioned this before, I am kind of a “where there’s a will there’s a way- kind of gal” and I am, at the moment anyway, feeling kind of pumped, so we’ll just have to see how far this “will” can take me.